Idle Pollution

Air pollution is a problem everywhere. The uptake of electric vehicles is slow with the result that we still have a high proportion of petrol and diesel fuel cars on our roads. As a consequence our air space is constantly under attack by their unpleasant and harmful emissions. This is a particular problem for people with health conditions such as asthma and is generally unpleasant.  

We have received several complaints regarding drivers leaving their engines running and we would like to remind drivers to be considerate when waiting kerbside, particularly when you are collecting children from school or other activities such as Brownies, Guides and Scouts. We know it is tempting to keep the engine running to keep warm in winter or cool in summer but please think of pedestrians and residents and turn off your engines for the short time you are stationary. 

Thank you for your consideration. 


Reporting a crime

In the spirit of maintaining the safety and the well-being of all our residents, the Parish Council would like to remind everyone that if you see any suspicious activity or experience anti-social behaviour in the area, please don't hesitate to report it to the police. Your information can make a big difference in maintaining our community's safety. You can report anonymously if you would prefer not to give your details. 

You can report incidents easily using the following link: